A.R.I have become a major player in the South African air release and intake market. As the single largest air valve manufacture in the world with very innovative designs. A.R.I. Have since 2000 designed their version of a three stage non-slam air valve to compete in the SA market. This valve has been fully tested and has been sold in SA since 2000 with great success. Most of the major users have installed A.R.I. on numerous applications and are satisfied with its performance.

A.R.I. has established its high quality assurance standards in compliance with ISO 9002. Over the recent years A.R.I.’s reputation for quality and durability made an impact in the local South African market. The company’s products are frequently found as the preferred product to be used for applications in water supply, sewage and agricultural. An extensive network of agents have been established locally and in some neighboring countries to provide clients with information and service.

Major benefits of the A.R.I. Air valves:


  • Large orifice with capacities exceeding most manufactures.
  • Optional Non-slam element is outside the pressure body so no extra seals are incorporated.
  • Small orifice for high pressure venting is at least 10 x larger than competition.
  • Small orifice has a self cleaning effect, so seldom blocks up.
  • Unique seal design allows sealing at low pressure of 2m.
  • Unique seal design eliminates leakages
  • 10 Year Guarantee against seal leaks.
  • Sewage air valve eliminates sewage fouling the sealing mechanism.

Website : http://www.ariafrica.co.za/



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Tel:     079 492 3043
Tel:     082 677 5374

Fax:     057 357 4217

Email:     info@ariafrica.co.za

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